Balloon flight B-4, 7 July 2013

Payload weight - 12.5 grams
Free lift 1.3 grams
Launch time 19:00 local (18:00 UTC)
Downlink mode DominoEX 16

Launch time has been timed to reach floating altitude at the sunset.
Balloon floated throughout the night at 6800m and went up to 7700m after the sunrise.
A lot of trackers around the country and abroad have been following the signal.
The downlink transmitter kept going continuously for more than 19 hours on a single AAA battery.
Making it more power-efficient could extend working time further.
The balloon has stopped transmitting while still floating at 7700m altitude over Devon in Westerly direction when the battery ahs finally run out.
Temperature in the transmitter chip dropped to -15C during the night while outside temperature was -30C.