Balloon flight B-8, 24 July 2013

The purpose of this flight is to evaluate strict power saving regime as well as archive flight log feature.

Flight data is stored in the flight log every 2 hours and full flight log is transmitted back each 2 hours. Flight log can store up to 5 days worth of recent flight data.

Balloon has ended up descending at stable -0.6m/s rate over the sea due to either Helium loss or accumulated moisture. There were rain bearing clouds in the area at the time.

Some unusual telemetry reception distances were recorded by listeners in the Netherlands and NE of England. The balloon was way below horizon for them at the time of stable reception.

Payload weight - 20.1 grams.
Free lift - 1.3 grams.
Downlink mode - DominoEX 16
Launch time 8:45 local time (7:45 UTC)

Flight path:

Altitude profile, metres: