Single Cell Low Current Li-Po Charger

Small current Li-Po charger image

Modern Li-Po cells come in capacities as small as 10mAh.
Charging them presents a problem since many high performance chargers cannot provide charging currents below 100mA.
Considering that most Li-Po cells have maximum charging current of 1C to 2C there is a requirement for
a charger that can provide low charging current while maintaining strict requirements of Li-Po charging process.



Input voltage 5V...16V
Input current charging current + 20mA (30..110mA)
Constant Current Charge 10...90mA in 10mA increments
Constant Current Cut-off Voltage 4.2V
Charge Termination Current Ratio 7.5% of selected charge current
Automatic Recharge Threshold 4.05V
Precondition Current 10% of selected charge current
Precondition Threshold 2.8V

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