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A USB shift light indicator combined with joystick interface board - for simulator use only.

The majority of modern real race cars have some form of LED and/or LCD shift light display on the dash board to provide the driver with the optimal shift points. The SLI-M allows you to do just that in the world of simulation.

With some simple plugins and software utilities you can configure the SLI-M to show your optimal rev shift point, display which gear you are in and also display some warning lights. The SLI-M is also a USB joystick interface so you can use buttons and switches for other functions within your simulator software, such as pit limiter or adjusting the brake bias without even installing any extra drivers. Just connect them up, plug the device into the PC and it will detect the buttons right away.

With very 13 bright LEDs for the revs (4 green, 5 red and 4 blue) you are given plenty of warning of when to shift either by illuminating one after the other, in blocks of colour or converging from each side.

6 more bright LEDs at the sides of the display in clusters of 3 are used as warning lights which can be assigned with the configuration software. This is particularly useful for displaying such things as different flags, critical engine temperatures or other warnings from the car. 5 extra LEDS of your choice can also easily be wired into the device which you can use for further warning or shift lights.

With the use of our PCB dxf file template available in the downloads tab it is possible to make your own enclosure or cut out for your steering wheel or dash board.
A few other third party mounting solutions are also available for the SLI-M.

LED Displays

- 13 bright RPM LEDs across the top (4 green, 5 red and 4 blue)

- Central gear indicator

- 6 bright warning LEDs two each side the bottom (left blue, yellow, red - right blue, yellow , red)

- 5 additional warning LEDS of your choice can also be connected.


- 16 button / 8 rotary encoder inputs


Length - 4" / 102mm
Width - 1.2" / 30mm
Height(with USB and pin headers) - 0.84" / 21.3mm
Height(without USB and pin headers) - 0.48" / 12.2mm

Recommended Wire Size

24AWG to 20AWG

Mounting Screw Hole Size


Connection to PC

The PCB has a standard USB type B connector for connection to PC. You can also choose the device with no USB or pin header connectors if you wish to connect your own.

Fully self-contained interface

Natively supported as a standard USB joystick interface by Windows 8/ 7/Vista/XP/2000 32/64 bit and Mac OS X - Forget drivers - just plug it in and it's ready to go. Shift light function currently only works in Windows due to software. Mac support is in progress. Will NOT work on Playstation or Xbox.

Unique serial number helps Windows remember each device - Ever unplugged a joystick and had Windows lose calibration settings? This controller retains settings even if plugged in a different USB port or if you use two and swap them over.
Also allows you to connect and use more than one at a time.

Powered by USB bus (+5V - 500mA) so no external power supply is needed

Full-speed 12Mb USB connection.

Compatible with over 30 games including:
Assetto Corsa - DiRT - DiRT2 - DiRT3 - DiRT Showdown - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - F1 2010 - F1 2011 - F1 2012 - F1 2013 - Formula Truck - Game Stock Car - GRID 2 - GT Legends - GTR - GTR 2 - GTR Evolution - iRacing - Kart Racing | PRO - Live for Speed - netKar PRO - OMSI (Omnibus Simulator - Project C.A.R.S. - Race 07 - Race Driver GRID - Race Injection - Race Room 2 - Race Room Racing Experience - rFactor - rFactor2 - Richard Burns Rally - Rigs of Rods - Simraceway - STCC 2 - X-motor Racing

Proudly designed and made in the UK.

LED Light Function Only - If using the device only for the LED light function you can simply connect the device to the PC via the mini USB connector on the rear, install the software available from the links in product downloads tab and follow the instructions provided by the software developers. Some simulator software will work straight away after installing the device, while others may require a plugin to be copy and pasted into a specific folder.

Connecting Button or Rotary Encoders

16 input pins with 8 GND pins are available to connect buttons, and/or rotary encoders, and 5 pins for exernal LEDs are situated on the rear of the device. The device is available with or without these pins and the USB socket allowing you to solder your wires directly to the PCB.
We also supply the device with 8x 3way and 1x 6way pin headers which fit directly over the pins. You can also connect to the device with our 3 pin cables which you can find here.

Support for up to 8 rotary encoders - A pair of digital inputs can be connected to a rotary encoder. All main types supported (1, 2 and 4 pulses per detent. Check the datasheet of your encoder to find out which type you have). Once connected, download our encoder software in the product downloads tab and set the pair of inputs to the encoder mode you require. Always use negative number for the first input, ie. 1-2, 3-4 etc. Please refer to the user guide in the product download page for more information.

Can I be turned into keyboard or other device? - Mapping button presses or potentiometers to other functions such as mouse/keyboard or hat switch controls can be done emulated using third party software such as Joy2Key. Look in the downloads tab for alternative software solutions.

Once you have connected everything you need - Connect to a PC using a standard USB cable and the device will be recognised as a generic game device named - SLI-M. No drivers are required. You can then either calibrate or assign your controls using your chosen game or software as you would with any other game controller. That's it!

Construction tips

Can I share GND wires between components
Yes, you can daisy chain wires. This means that you can connect two wires to each GND pin on the buttons or rotary encoders - one to connect and one to carry on to the next.

What to do with unused inputs?
Unconnected buttons will appear as not pressed - just ignore them.

SLI-M User Manual

SLI-M Encoder Configuration Software

SLI-M Firmware

SLI-M Sample Code

PCB Template in .dxf format

Software Plugins



Recommended Third Party Software

DIView.exe - For Accurate Calibration

Keyboard and Mouse Emulation / Scripting Software




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