LiPo Free Flight Tracker

Price: 40.00GBP

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This tracking device was originally developed for use in free flight model aircraft competitions, however it may also be used for other applications such as quadcopters, balloons, wild animals and many others.

- The device is supplied ready to use with antenna.
- Powered by a single cell Li-Po battery - *NOT INCLUDED*
- Very suitable for models that are already equipped with a LiPo for other purposes ie. Timer, RTD System etc (Separate LiPo can also be used)
- Supplied in protective heat shrink.
- Supplied with a socket to enable the tracker to be removed. It is suggested the socket is permanently attached to the model. Wires can also be directly soldered to the contact pads on the tracker.
- Spare sockets available at £2 each.
- *Buyer must be capable of soldering wires to socket or tracker*

Dimensions: 19mm long - 8mm wide - 3mm thick.
Weight: 1.2g including socket
Frequency range From 140MHz to 200MHz - Please enter your frequency requirements in the box above the BUY button.

What is the range of the tracker?

The range is about 20 miles ( 32km ) with direct line of sight. It is roughly 1 mile ( 1.6km ) on the ground. The range is affected by the terrain and local environmental conditions.