Free Flight Tracker

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This tracking device was originally developed for the use in free flight model aircraft competitions, however it may also be used for other applications such as quadcopters, balloons, wild animals and many others.

- The device is supplied ready to use with antenna.
- Powered by an on-board 312 Zinc Air battery. 6x batteries are included.
- Total weight is 3 grams including battery.
- Run time in excess of one week.
- Dimensions: 27mm long - 11mm wide - 5mm thick.
- Red LED flashes while transmitting.
- Frequency range: From 140MHz to 950MHz - Please enter your frequency requirements in the box above the BUY button.
- Transmitting power is +8dBm (6mW) when measured into 50R load
- Supplied in protective heat shrink.

NOTE: Battery is activated by air and protected by a removable tab sticker. Please allow up to one minute between removing the tab and placing battery into the tracker.


We have conducted comparative tests between this tracker and another popular one produced in Europe. Their power spectrum measurements between zero and 500MHz are presented below. In both cases operating frequency is shown with a red rectangle. Additional peaks are harmonics and spurious emissions. This tracker power level shows as +8.48dBm or 3.4 times higher than +3.14dBm of another device.

Leo Bodnar free flight tracker spectrum:
Bodnar-Brown tracker spectrum

Similar tracker used for comparative tests:
Control tracker spectrum

What is the range of the tracker?

The range is about 20 miles ( 32km ) with direct line of sight. It is roughly 1 mile ( 1.6km ) on the ground. The range is affected by the terrain and local environmental conditions.