Formula Quick Release - Bolt On

Price: 145.00GBP



Formula Bolt-On Quick Release made in the UK by Go-Race Engineering

- Supplied as standard with the GT1 and GT3 steering wheels.
- If you are purchasing this product separately please note that the back of the quick release has protrusion and you might need the 19 mm spacer to mount it to a flat surface.
The 3 X 50.8mm PCD hole mounting pattern is also compatable with most 3 bolt competition steering wheels (Sparco, MOMO, OMP etc.) This gives you the compatibility to also connect your own motorsport wheel to our steering system so you can easily switch with any of the wheels bought directly from us.
- 6 X 70mm PCD holes on the male boss bolts directly to the SimSteering shaft clamp adaptor.
- Precision CNC machined from high quality materials.
- The anti-play mechanism prevents rotational play and ensures that a solid feel is maintained.

Why use a Quick Release?

Probably the most important reason to fit a quick release to the steering wheel of a real race car is safety. A quick release steering wheel allows you or a marshal to remove your steering wheel quickly without the need for any tools to allow you to exit the car quickly and easily in the event of an incident.

A simulator, on the other hand, gives you the ability to switch between a vast range of vehicle types - each with their own steering wheel type. Therefore a quick release is the best solution to easily switch between the different wheels that you may have in your inventory. It also allows you to get in and out of your cockpit more easily. Choosing the right quick release is crucial. As our steering system provides true-to-life forces it is of utmost importance to use a quick release which does not have any play, or develop play over time. The Go-Race Engineering quick release is the perfect mix of performance, quality, price and compatibility which is why we supply them with our wheels.