Balloon flight B-14, 28 September 2013

Hardware is identical to B-10 and B-12.

Incremental bug fixes, improved power saving strategy. Going into complete shutdown below 3.5V with progressively longer pips interval.

Payload weight - 10.2 grams.
Free lift - 4.6 grams.
Ascent rate - 1 m/s
Frequency - 434.500MHz USB DominoEX 16
Frequency drifts within 2kHz due to a failed TCXO.
Launch time 28 September 2013 06:48 UTC

B-14 has flown through the following countries:

 United Kingdom

Balloon has encontered unexplained altitude gain which caused increased overpressure and leak. After sunset slowly descended and landed in Germany.

Flight path.

Altitude in metres.


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