Balloon flights

B-1 latex balloon. First attempt at ballooning
B-2 foil balloon test with new tracker concept
B-3 foil balloon. First successful float
B-4 foil balloon. Night/day float
B-5 foil balloon. Superpressure and supertemperature research. First international flight
B-6 foil balloon. Three days float over France
B-7 foil balloon. ZincAir batteries research
B-8 foil balloon. Power efficiency study
B-9 foil balloon. Attempt to transmit on HF band. Retired at launch
B-10 foil balloon. Solar powered. Landed in the UK
B-11 foil balloon. B-11 re-laucnhed with extra free lift
B-12 foil balloon. Yet more free lift and yet lighter payload
B-13 Minor bugfixes
B-14 Better power saving. Leaked during altitide kick. Landed in Germany
B-15 Reduced free lift to 3.3 grams. Landed near Finland-Russian border
B-16 HF ISM band experiment. 13.553MHz
B-17 Attempt to float East over Scandinavia
B-18 27MHz HF ISM experiment. 26.959MHz
B-19 Lost over England in bad weather
B-20 Lost over the North Sea
B-21 Test flight with larger battery
B-22 Test flight with another battery arrangement
B-23 APRS experiment on 2m amateur band
B-24 7 Nov 2013. APRS geofencing test
B-25 8 Nov 2013. North Sea trip
B-26 9 Nov 2013. Netted latex balloon test
B-27 11 Nov 2013. Custom made foil balloon test
B-28 12 Nov 2013. Regular foil balloon. Increased IR absorption experiment
B-29 14 Nov 2013. Southbound foil balloon flight
B-30 16 Nov 2013. Scheduled balloon flight
B-31 19 Nov 2013. Incremental hardware testing flight
B-32 28 Nov 2013. Testing Contestia digital modes, RSID and intercontinental flights to Africa
B-33 19 Dec 2013. Foil balloon flight. Leaked and descended near Norwich.
B-34 28 Dec 2013. Latex balloon float attempt
B-35 28 Dec 2013. Netted latex balloon float attempt
B-36 28 Dec 2013. Latex balloon float attempt
B-37 5 Jan 2014. Custom made foil envelope - ruptured and recovered in Denmark
B-38 9 Feb 2014. Failed Arctic Circle attempt - run out of power
B-39 13 Feb 2014. Failed Arctic Circle attempt - ruptured envelope
B-40 13 Feb 2014. Successful trip across the Arctic Circle
B-41 18 Mar 2014. Test flight to Europe and Asia
B-42 29 Mar 2014. Custom foil balloon. Envelope failure.
B-43 8 Apr 2014. Flight to Italy. Damaged during launch.
B-44 8 Apr 2014. Flight to Asia. Last reported over Syria.
B-45 11 Apr 2014. Flight to Asia. Azores, Gran Canaria, N Africa, Greece, Turkey, Russia, India
B-46 18 Apr 2014. Flight to France, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia. Second Arctic challenge.
B-47 27 Apr 2014. Custom envelope. Reached Japan
B-48 3 May 2014. Custom envelope. Short dash to Africa. Burst
B-49 3 May 2014. Custom envelope. Burst near Caspian Sea
B-50 9 May 2014. Custom envelope. Burst over Baltic Sea
B-51 12 May 2014. Custom envelope. Burst over North Sea
B-52 16 May 2014. 190 hours flight over Europe
B-53 25 May 2014. Micro leak, lost in North Sea
B-54 31 May 2014.
B-55 7 June 2014.
B-56 10 June 2014.
B-57 11 June 2014.
B-58 18 June 2014.
B-59 19 June 2014.
B-60 20 June 2014.
B-61 21 June 2014.
B-62 28 June 2014.
B-63 8 July 2014. 2nd circumnavigation flight
B-64 12 July 2014. 1st circumnavigation flight
B-65 12 July 2014. Failed to deploy
B-66 19 July 2014. 3rd circumnavigation flight

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