Balloon Flight B-15, 4 October 2013

Almost no changes from B-14 in tracker features and operation.

Tracker hardware is the same as B-10 and B-12.

Balloon entered saturated clouds at 8000m and seem to have picked up enough icing to cause it to descend to the Finnish-Russian border. Finnish radioamateurs organised extensive search expedition to find the balloon but sadly were not able to locate it. It could have drifted a long way at a few hundred meters over ground level from the last known position.

Search party video
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Payload weight - 10.4 grams.
Free lift - 3.3 grams.
Telemetry - 434.500 MHz, USB, DominoEX 16, vertical polarisation
Launch time 4 October 2013 10:00 UTC

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How to setup tracking equipment

B-15 travelled over the following countries:

 United Kingdom

Big thanks to all who helped tracking the balloon!

Flight path.

Altitude in metres.


Great circle distance between launch site and last known position:

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