Balloon Flight B-17, 7 October 2013

This was very much a re-run of B-15 mission in an attempt to fly over Finland again and hopefully reach Russia this time.

Balloon picked up ice in saturated clouds at 8000m altitude and descended onto Ängholm island where it rested on the ground for 5 hours then took off again, ascended to 4000m altitude, picked up either ice or rain and descended further into Finnish mainland.

A team of Finnish radio amateurs attempted to locate B-17 the next day but has not succeeded.

Payload weight - 10.4 grams.
Free lift - 4.3 grams.
Telemetry - 434.500 MHz, USB, DominoEX 16, vertical polarisation
Launch time 7 October 2013 17:50 UTC

B-17 travelled over the following countries:

 United Kingdom

Flight path.

Altitude in metres.


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(C)2013 Leo Bodnar