Balloon Flight B-23, 29 October 2013

APRS experiment.

Antenna is vertical dipole for 2m amateur band.

Transmission power is 20mW.

Has picked up ice and descended East of Moscow.

2x 36" foil balloons.
Payload weight - 19 grams.
Free lift - 8 grams.
Telemetry - 434.500 MHz, USB, DominoEX 16, vertical polarisation. Extremely weak signal .

APRS position reporting: 144.800MHz, NFM 1200bps callsign M0XER-2 Launch time 29 October 2013 19:10 UTC

B-23 balloon has flown over the following countries:

 United Kingdom
 Czech Republic

Flight path

Distance travelled

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(C)2013 Leo Bodnar