Balloon Flight B-28, 12 November 2013

Experiment with increased IR absorption from the Earth surface during the night. Balloon has been flown flat and its bottom side has been painted black.

Result was very slow ascent due to increased drag. In 5 hours balloon climbed to only 5600m where it stayed for the night. Expected altitude for regular balloon with such payload would have been 7000m.

Redistributed envelope stress caused different altitude balance overnight and caused balloon to depressurise at the sunset. Descended and landed in Spain.

Payload weight - 11 grams.
Free lift - 4.1 grams.
Telemetry - 434.500 MHz, USB, DominoEX 16, vertical polarisation
Launch time 12 November 2013 20:00 UTC

Flight path.

Altitude in metres (UHF and APRS segments)

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(C)2013 Leo Bodnar