Balloon Flight B-32, 28 November 2013

Testing new digital modes: Contestia 16/1000 and Contestia 8/250.

Modes are automatically announced and aligned using RSID.

Telemetry is transmitted on the same frequency: four times in 16/1000 mode and once in 8/250 with 4 minute intervals in between transmissions.

Tour of Nothern Africa and Mediterranian.

B-23 balloon has flown over the following countries:

 United Kingdom

Payload weight - 12 grams.
Free lift - 4.0 grams.
Telemetry - 434.500 MHz, USB, Contestia 16/1000 and 8/250, vertical polarisation
Launch time 28 November 2013 17:50 UTC

Flight path:


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(C)2013 Leo Bodnar