We have many e-mails asking questions about our products so we've compiled a list of the more common ones here (in no particular order) for you.

Q. Will your devices work with Windows 7, 8 and 10? And 64 Bit?
A. Yes they will however some early controllers from around 2006-2008 may not be compatible. We have since created new firmware and we are happy to update your controller to the latest version if you send it back to us. Unfortunately the earlier devices were not able have the firmware re-written via the USB port so we have to do this at our premises.

Q. How do I set up my SLI-Pro, SLI-M or SLI-F1 to work with my game?
A. Fanaleds and Sim SLI have kindly created software and plugins for most race titles. Visit their webpages for more info: www.fanaleds.com | SIM SLI. You are also welcome you to create your own plugins using our example code on the product pages.

Q. Do your controllers work on a PS3 or Xbox?
A. Our products are not officially supported by any Playstation or Xbox games at this time however our USB joystick controllers do control most functions. Shift lights do not work at this time.

Q. Can you rename my device to a custom name for me?
A. Yes we can however only when buying 10 or more units. Please see our 'Custom Products' page for more information.

Q. I haven't received my order yet. Where is it?
A. All items are in stock unless stated otherwise and we aim to ship orders within 1 working day. We will also send you a confirmation e-mail to say that the parts have been shipped and have left our premises. If you selected standard Airmail as your delivery method then unfortunately there is no way of tracking this item after the parcel has left our premises. We find that in the majority of cases, after a customer has e-mailed us to ask where their parcel is, it usually turns up a day or two later.
It is not uncommon for orders to sometimes even take up to 28 days for delivery to some countries however we expect most orders to arrive well before this. If after this time you have not received your item it may possible that is has been lost by the postal service however this is very rare and most items eventually turn up. In this case please contact us and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you.

Q. I heard you don't ship to Brazil or Mexico. Is this true?
A. Previously this was the case as many orders were going missing in these countries, however we now have new traceable delivery options so you can now have your parts delivered safely.

Q. Can I plug in more than one of the same controller on my PC or MAC?
A. Yes. Every controller has a unique serial number which means our devices will work alongside each other with no issues. We once tried 12 without issues but we're certain more could be connected; we just ran out of ports! :)

Q. My product doesn't work anymore and is recognised by Windows as 'Bootloader', is it broken?
A. This problem occurs when the controller has lost it's firmware, ususally caused by static dissipation. Please visit our 'Firmware' page for the up to date firmware for your device. If this is a re-occuring problem then it may be caused by a mounting issue or the device may needs to be sent back to us to re-program the bootloader. This is free of charge.

Q. I have bought a product from another manufacturer that contains one of your controllers which is no longer working. Will you fix it?
A. Please contact the manufacturer first as they may have modified the controller for their own products.

Q. Will your pedal cable make my Logitech pedals work with my Fanatec or Thrustmaster wheel?
A. Yes. The cable turns the DFP, G25 or G27 pedals into a new, separate device meaning it will work along side any wheel or joystick.

Q. Now that I have one of your pedal cables, they do not work in rFactor but they are recognised by Windows. Why is this?
A. rFactor has a limit of three joystick controllers and as our pedal cable creates a new controller, it may mean you now have too many devices.