Fast risetime pulse generator

Price: 49.99GBP



Fast risetime (50ps) pulse generator

This device generates 10MHz pulse train with extremely fast rise and fall times - 50 picoseconds or better.

Intended use includes:

  • testing lab instruments frontends and their probes' frequency bandwidth and risetime
  • time domain reflectometry - TDR
  • generating wide spectral contents signal with harmonics extending into tens of GHz

Features of the device:

  • 10MHz 2.5ppm pulse train with 50% duty ratio.
  • Rise time and fall time of 50ps
  • Output amplitude between 50mVpp and 1.2Vpp (via USB .)  AC coupled.
  • Trigger output with 1.5Vpp amplitude into 50R load.  AC (default) or DC (solder jumper) coupled
  • BNC jack for direct connection to oscilloscope input
  • USB powered - requires 200mA at 5V.  Can be connected to a USB charger or powerbank.

USB or RF cables are not included.

Designed and made in UK.

Configuration Software - Click here to download configuration software

  • Manufactured by: Leo Bodnar