SLI-Pro Colour Coded Cable Set

Price: 7.00GBP

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Set of four colour-coded cables with matching connectors installed (30cm/12" long.)

Your SLI-Pro is ready to use as as a shift light indicator immediately as delivered. You can plug it in via the Mini-USB supplied, install the support software and start using it right away, however to use it to its full advantage it is recommended to connect buttons and switches to it. The SLI-Pro cable set offers an easy way to connect inputs such as push buttons, rotary switches, encoders, potentiometers and additional LEDs. This means only one connection into your steering wheel for the display and inputs.

In addition to this, the SLI-Pro can also be connected to PC using a custom made USB cable through a dedicated socket on the back of SLI-Pro using one of the cables available in this set. This gives greater flexibility for positioning your cables when creating your own steering wheel or enclosure.

Due to the tight fitting of the SLI-Pro in our aluminium enclosure, the cable standard cable set will not fit correctly. Please select the Cables for SLI-Pro Enclosure if you intend to use them in the enclosure. The 14 way ribbon cables point upwards rather than downwards allowing them to fit neatly inside.

Please see the User Manual for more information.