SLI-Pro Aluminium Enclosure

Price: 70.00GBP

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  • Designed for your existing SLI-Pro
  • Mounting holes to fit to a steering wheel or box, or can sit on the desk as a stand alone unit
  • Small side opening for USB socket
  • Red Filter lens for LED digits and semi frosted filter lenses for coloured LEDs
  • Black aluminium rear cover plate supplied. Can be removed for mounting to a flat surface.
  • Screws and washers supplied
  • Now available with rear secure screw on mini USB connector with 2 metre cable. See images below.

To purchase the enclosure with SLI-Pro installed please visit the SLI-Pro product page and select the enclosure from the option menu.

SLI-Pro Sold Separately
Standard SLI-Pro ribbon cables do not fit due to the tight fitting of the device. Alternative cables are also available as an option when purchasing the cables.

Designed by Precision Sim Engineering.