Rotary encoder CTS288V

Price: 4.49GBP

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-16 detents per revolution
- 1 pulse per detent - 1:1 mode in our encoder config software
- Shaft diameter: 1/4"
- Integrated momentary push button

Components Included
- CTS288V Encoder
- Mounting Hardware (nut and washer)
- Optional knob (black or grey - please choose from the drop down menu)

What can I use this rotary encoder for?
A rotary encoder can be connected to two button inputs of one of our USB joystick interface boards. In the encoder software for that device you can then set those inputs into "encoder mode". Now when the encoder is turned, each detent in one direction pulses the first button you connected and the other direction pulses the other button. This is particularly useful as an adjustment knob in flight instruments, steering wheels, menu selections, brake bias etc.

288V232R161B2 Datasheet